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Early Bird Promotion

Register by August 8 for reduced rates.

If you have not yet registered for Triumphest 2022, I hope that this message gives you the spark to take that step now. We are offering you an incentive to do this sooner rather than later: If you register on or before August 8th, you save $20 as part of our Early Bird Promotion of $110.  So don't wait too long!



There are two ways to register.  You can either use the Online Registration, which is quicker and easier, or you can print out a Registration form that you can mail in with your payment.  Either way, act soon to get our Early Bird rates!


Register Online

This is the easiest way.  Just enter your information and payment using the online form.  No need to mail anything in.  Your payment is secure and your confirmation e-mail is sent immediately to your email address.


Register by Mail

This is for those who feel more comfortable mailing in the Registration form with a check.  Click the button to open a Registration form that you can easily print out and fill out by hand.  Then just mail it in with your payment.